Bunion Corrector-Hallux Valgus Pain Relief Support


Original Price: $69.95 (clinic price)  Now:50% off for one pair, 65% off for two pairs or more.

Do you have painful of unsightly bunions? Are you searching on alternative to expensive bunion surgery? If so, considers this fantastic correctors!

Super easy to use,
Unique adjustment technology,

Soft and comfortable easy fit adjustable Velcro Straps.

Silicone pads in contact with the bunion.

Recommended to use at night when sleeping.
For comfort and best results, slowly improve the amount of adjustment, allowing time for the foot to settle in between adjustments. Speed of attaining visible results will vary depending on the size and age of bunion, ranging for 3-6 weeks for a small bunion, to 6+ month for larger bunions. Individual results will vary.

Free delivery. It may take up to 7 days before you receive the delivery.

One size fits all.
No exchanges or returns for the hygiene reasons.

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